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Innovative Process Automation and Fintech Solutions Our Solution
Innovative Process Automation and Fintech Solutions Our Solution
Innovative Process Automation and Fintech Solutions Our Solution
Innovative Process Automation and Fintech Solutions Our Solution

WE UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS ON industrial digitization

About Us

We deliver landmark projects

We are an agile cloud-based end-to-end Process Automation and Fintech solution company with over 04 years in operation. Driven by the passion for industrial digitization, our experienced team adapts swift delivery practices enriched with a customer-focused ethos built around confidence and execution precision aided by Mobile, QR, NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, Biometrics and GPS Technology.

Our award-winning integrated Process Automation & Payment System (AgriX) is a DIGITAL ENABLER, streamlining the supply chain ecosystem which churns out solutions that enables industries to cater to the unique requirements of its suppliers, workforces and communities while providing the scalability and profitability for future expansion of its operations.

Our valued solution currently spans across 06 principal Tea Factory Groups in Sri Lanka enabling total peace of mind in its procurement process and enhanced profitable operation with over 40,000 engaging growers.

Agrithmics (Private) Limited is a company backed by - Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s largest telco and managed by BOV Capital, a Sri Lankan venture capital fund.

Our Purpose

Enriching the Agri industry by driving process excellence through digital and fintec inclusion.

Our objectives

Automated workflow
Cloud based paperless solution connecting farmers to the factory with enhanced efficiency.
Crystal clear engagement between farmer, collector and factory with minimized opportunity for malpractices by any party.
Access to cash
Enhanced financial and added support services for farmers.

How far have we traveled

Our Reach


Successfully implemented Tea Factory Groups in Sri Lanka.


Tea Factories in Operation


Actively Engaging Farmers

0 Mn+

Kg of Raw Tea Leaves
(in the last 3 years)

We are specialists in what we do

Our Solutions

We create peace of Mind

Key Benefits

Real Time Monitoring of Operations
Eliminates Malpractices and Errors
Reduces Crop Loss and Overhead Costs
Increased Productivity at Lower Cost
Increases Quality and Quantity of Produce
Complete Data Security with More Accountability to The Process
Consistent and Accurate Internal Factory Controls
Payment Disbursement Automation
Builds Loyalty Among Process Owners
Staff/worker task performance & attendance monitoring
Yield More Profits

See what we mean

Social impact

Improved Quality of Life
  • Reduce indebtedness
  • 24/7 access to cash
  • Increase financial inclusion
  • Increase credit worthiness
Accessibility & Reach
  • Impact on 10% of Sri Lankan Population
  • Technology to the grass roots
  • Extendable to other industries
Cost Effectivene
  • No cost or minimal cost to farmers
  • Reduces significant administration overheads to factories
  • Accurate, Real-Time Integrated
  • No Manual Work & 100% Paperless
  • Reduce cost and increase margins
  • Digitalized procurement to payment process
  • Protects small hold farmers
  • Increase market for produce
We create partnerships